Michael Manring
The Book of Flame
1. The Fire Sermon
2. Adult Content/Brief Nudity
3. The Book of Lies
4. La Sagrada Familia
5. Theseus In The Rains
6. No Wontons for Elvis
7. Your Ad
8. Ephemeris
9. The Adamski Photographs
10. Dromedary
11. The Book of Living and Dying (for Michael Hedges)
Michael Manring: Bass Guitars, Samples, Loops, Synthesizers, Percussion, Voice, Kitchen Utensils

Paul McCandless
Tim Alexander
Barry Gurley
Michael Masley
Doug Manring
Herman Bartleen
Dustin Cunningham

"The Book of Flame brings together the thorny mathematics of Michael Manring's tuning theories with his wide-ranging artistic vision, the unalloyed metal aggression of Thonk with the melodic and textural sensibilities of Drastic Measures, the icy austerity of electronica and the sensuality of Afro-Asian modes and rhythms. The resulting construction could collapse under its own weight if not for Michael's maturing compositional sense and his always-lurking sense of humor."
Bass Player Magazine
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