Kingsley Durant
Away from the Water
Now Available
1. Domains
2. In A Sense...
3. Where Angels Fear to Tread
4. You Can Turn Me On
5. The Boy Who Loved Trucks
6. It Happened One Night
7. Dragons Don't Dance
8. Get It To Go
9. When The Sun Meets The Sky
10. Princess
11. Emperor of the Air
Kingsley Durant has been playing acoustic and electric guitars since 1967. He moved to the Seacoast area in 1998, prior to which he lived and performed in Massachusetts, Virginia, and Ohio. He currently balances his time between solo acoustic performances, jazz (he is a regular contributor to the Press Room’s Tuesday night jam, and has appeared with various local jazz musicians), and a rock band, the Number Two Pencils. His debut CD for Alchemy Records, Away from the water, draws from all of these elements, but half of the pieces on the CD are solo acoustic guitar, and all of the pieces are built up from a base of acoustic guitar. His major influences on guitar have typically been players who also fuse multiple elements and styles of music into their playing, such as Steve Howe, Michael Hedges, Pat Metheny, and Eric Johnson. Aside from guitarists, his musical outlook has been affected by such disparate influences as his grandfather (a church organist and carilloneur); Miles Davis and all the great musicians that have played in Davis’ bands; and, not least, the Rolling Stones.
Kingsley Durant: Acoustic, Electric, Lap Steel Guitars, Vocals, Djembe

Vinny Sabatino: percussion

Viktor Krauss: acoustic bass

Jon Durant: cloud guitars