Brian Gingrich
The White Rim of Heaven
"The beauty and scope of textural music are vividly realized in Chicago bassist/composer Brian Gingrich's The White Rim of Heaven. These seven instrumentals recall the light-and-shadows painting of the Hudson River school, with deft turns of melody and tone illuminating the details of their flow."
Ted Drozdowski, Musician Magazine
1: The Knotted Cord 9:55
2: Slowing In Motion 5:38
3: White Rim Stories 13:07
4: Batterie of Last Resort 10:05
5: Fading Days 5:11
6: Heavenly Reception 6:06
7: A Reversal of Plans 8:20


Brian Gingrich: Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Electric Guitar

David Torn: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Loops

Eric Batterman: Drums & Percussion

Dean Jensen: Electric Guitar, Loops

Leo Murphy: Drums & Percussion

Tom Krol: Acoustic Guitar

Terry Rolleri: Guitar Textures

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