William Camiré
Fourteen Years
1. Preface
2. Premonition
3. Fourteen Years
4. Patchouli
5. From A Distant Shore
6. The Girl Who Makes You Cry Is Always Love
7. Bokhara (Midnight on the Desert)
8. Aires Under Autumn Sky
9. Monument Beach


"From the purveyors of unmatched creativity and musical adventures, Alchemy Records, comes an ambient electronic music CD that puts a new spin on the genre, fitting in nicely with the unconventional approach that is the hallmark of this label."
Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire Magazine
William Camiré: Synthesizers, Programming, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Vocal Loops, Ambient Extractions

Jon Durant: Cloud Guitars & Vocal Loops

Caryn Lin: Electric Violin