Wayne Krantz/Leni Stern
Separate Cages
1. Saturday Morning (Stern)
2. Claudine (Krantz)
3. Something Is Wrong In Spanish Harlem (McNally)
4. Point Falling (Stern)
5. Nicole (Krantz)
6. King's Cross (Stern) (For Emily Remler)
7. Véronique (Krantz)
8. Keep My Heart (Krantz)
9. Leave Softly (Stern)
10. Silver Line (Stern/LeFebvre)
11. November (Stern) (For LJM)
"An intimate acoustic set imbued with Brazilian flavors, funk-fusion syncopations, blues touches, and sweet jazz harmonies, Krantz and Stern's first recorded collaboration suggests the landmark duets between Bert Janscha nd John Renborn filtered through a Manhattan jazzbo sensibility. "

James Rotondi, Guitar Player Magazine
Wayne Krantz: Guitars, Vocal (8)

Leni Stern: Guitars, Vocal (3)