"Best known for his work as a collaborator with former members of Japan--including David Sylvian and Mick Karn--Robby Aceto is beginning to carve out his own niche in singer-songwriter territory. _Code_ is his first major release as a solo artist and it has the potential to create serious ripples in contemporary rock waters. _Code_ features ballsy and eclectic arrangements spiked with a heavy dose of Aceto's ripping guitar acrobatics. That combined with intriguing, provocative lyrics and contributions from producer David Torn, drummer Steve Jansen and vocalist Happy Rhodes makes this an album listeners will find themselves returning to on a regular basis." Four Stars.
-Anil Prasad, Innerviews
Robby Aceto's album Code (57:30, Alchemy ALCD 1006) is reminiscent of something that David Sylvian might produce. The instrumental accompaniment to his songs is moody, swarthy, atmospheric, and rather luxuriant. A minor mode prevails, with compositional techniques informed by minimalism, though the music's richness takes it far beyond Reichian minimalism. The guitar interjections suggest the likes of David Torn, Terje Rypdal and Robert Fripp, while the sonic atmospheres invoke the likes of Jon Hassell and Ryuichi Sakamoto, to name but two. And while he is quite accomplished, Aceto does not reach the heights or depth and intensity of Sylvian. He's more than a wannabe, but he has some growing to do. All in all, however, Code is quite nice.
-Dean Suzuki, Progression Magazine
"Robby Aceto creates that rarest of birds, atmospheric music with an edge. On his debut album, Code, guitars sream and swirl over liquid loops, funky rhythms and ethnic percussion, bringing to mind the work of textural tital David Torn--hardly surprising since torn not only produced Aceto, but served as his musical mentor... But judging by the truly sick distortion on tunes such as "Into Indigo", Aceto's take on texture is tougher than Sylvian's."
-Michael Ross, Guitar Player
Robby Aceto is a guitarist from New York who is of remote Italian origin. He collaborated with several artists, such as David Sylvian on the tour for _Secrets of the Beehive_ (in 1988) and very recently with Alice in her Spring European Tour. His first solo record is _Code_, released by the new label Alchemy Records, founded and directed by Jon Durant (guitarist and consultant for Lexicon). Though the piano and a bit of Hammond organ make a fleeting appearance in a couple of places, _Code_ is undoubtedly a guitar record, where everything turns around this instrument and interacts with it. It's a very balanced record, in which the instruments are used to create the right tension and, when necessary, counterpoint to Aceto's guitar. The production is carried through with a determined hand: the choice of sounds for example, and the very shape of the pieces show clarity of thought and coherence in every single note. Responsible here is producer David Torn. Although he played no guitar, leaving those duties to the composer of the record, he is credited with drums, bass, and computer manipulations. At any rate, it would be interesting to hear a guitar duet by Aceto-Torn as something very unique could well result from it. The nucleus from which Robby Aceto originates is unquestionably that gravitating around David Torn (his acknowledged inspirer) and the three ex-JAPAN members Jansen, Barbieri and Karn. The love for twilight atmospheres, for the greatest care in the search for refined sounds and for the intensive use of echoes, every sort of delays and looping put this record in a category that grants a privelege to the emotions of the poet rather than the sensationalism of the virtuoso. Present also as singer, Aceto has a voice tinged with a vein of quiet sadness, perfectly in tune with the colors of the themes in his lyrics. And lastly, the presence of Steve Jansen on some of the tracks (through digital loops and audio samples) gives a very particular touch to the atmosphere of _Code_
-Giorgio Fairsoni, Guitar Club Magazine (Italy)
"Art rock in the '90s? Well, sort of. There's no other word to describe Robby Aceto's solo debut, Code, but don't expect cheesy synths or 20-minute epics. Aceto's style is updated and more focused than the Seventies bands that defined the genre. Techno beats and other percussion create textures and set moods for Aceto's singing, guitar, bass, and piano playing. The album maintains a dark feel throughout, with haunting vocals, smooth bass liune and spacey, layered arrangements... There's a lot to take in on this album, and fans of layered mood music will discover more and more with each listen."
-Brian Schroffel, Guitar World